Businesses Need a Social Wingman

Not a day goes by where I don’t here… I have not got the time to deal with social media and get the work done to keep my business going

I would take a shot at probably 80% or more business owners say this when the subject comes up on the need to use social networking to promote their product or services.  In reality it is hard for any business to do.   What I suggest is businesses look to hiring a Social Wingman.

Setting Formation

In every business, even the sole proprietors, someone has to take lead of operations and someone has to take lead of marketing.  When the situation allows,  two people instead of one should be working very closely together and move in harmony when the need arises…kinda like a Wingman.

In business it is always good to have someone watching your back while you are dedicated to working on a specific part of the business you are cut out to do best.  That someone should be a person you can trust and takes a notice of your lead.

In the social arena, a Wingman would be defined as a friend that comes along to social events to serve as a partner to help watch what is going on in the room while the other engages in conversations.  This is played out in the singles dating scene where when one of the partners finds someone of interest the other partner…the Wingman..takes on conducting a conversation with the other person’s Wingman or Wingwomen..or to be politically correct..Wingperson.

Dedicated to the Mission

How this would be translated into business, one partner would take on the marketing of the business while the Wingman takes on the operations.  Breaking this down even further, one person takes on offline marketing while their Wingman takes on producing Social media.  There needs to be a dedication to social media that goes beyond the part-time or avoidance many business owners and executives have towards it’s importance in today’s business.  In marketing the wingman would need to know how to effectively use social media and be dedicated to that mission.

In any case, a Wingman needs to know what the are doing.  A Wingman would need to know the business’ operations or know the things the business needs to do to produce and deliver the product or service.  There needs to be the same dedication to operations as there is to marketing. 

Many business owners and executives find either operations or marketing to be boring or not as important as the other.  This is when a business get’s in trouble.

Better Business Decisions

If you are one of the many business people lacking the interest to be in the social networking arena you need to hire a Wingman.  If you are like many of the business people who are in love with marketing and even more in love with being in the social spaces but have a lack of interest in the operations you need to hire someone to be your Operations Wingman.

Either way…Let me know how I can help.

Shameless Blatant Promotion:

I am available to be your Social Media Wingman or Operations Wingman.  Contact me if you are interested and let’s talk.

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