Reason More People Do Not Participate in Google+ Hangouts


Since the launch of Google+ HangOuts there has been a large number of  people pull back on joining in on a public video chat.  There are a number of reasons why they do this but the major reason has to do with imagery.   This is more than worrying how they look on camera or not […]

What Do You Do When You Are Stressed??

Question Marks

I have not met anyone who has not been under some sort of stress which leads me to the question..What Do You Do When You Are Stressed? Beat Stress With Stress Now, granted, stress for some people involves nearly everything they do.  They could be down to their last sip of coffee and get stressed […]

How To Use Social Media to Generate Business

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The question…“How should I use Social Media to Generate Business”…ranks somewhere near the top of the list of questions I am asked on a daily bases. It is a tough question to answer since there is no one-way to use social media to generate business. Many businesses are quickly finding out they are far behind the curve in […]

How to Use Your Web-Cam

Following article was posted on KEYimage MEdia blog. I have done a large number of remote video interviews over the past few years. They’re getting to be more common now with G+ Hangouts and Skype conference calls becoming the norm for online communications. If you are online for personal or professional reasons,  you more than likely […]